Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tarot - more more more!

As promised, here is another tarot round-up…

Philosopher’s Stone Self-Awareness Deck – this 40-card deck is used to gain insight and a better understanding of the user’s personal situation and views. DE ES Schwerberge compiled art from his ‘Stoneman’ period to create these cards, and since all of them are on his website I didn’t let a little thing like being out of print stop me – I laid out, printed, trimmed and corner-cut them myself. Believe me, if I could find a proper copy, at a reasonable price, I would purchase it. The art has always reminded me of OMNI Magazine, remember that?

Tiny Tarot Keyring – Universal Waite cards, done teeny tiny. Realized I wouldn’t be able to use them at all, and since I already have the Tarot Nova Mini (which is even smaller!) I wouldn’t need these – passed them on to J*. From Amazon, so cheaper than list price.

Epicurean Tarot – sort of a ‘stunt’ deck, since it really can’t be used as proper tarot. It has all the cards, but they’re really all recipe cards with the card printed to the side. A little thought was put into trying to match the recipe up with a card that might have something to do with it, but it doesn’t really succeed. Still, fun for the collection. Also from Amazon so discounted.

Secret Tarot (mini) – Some of these have traditional imagery, some are quite different. But they’re all beautiful - a little comic-bookey. Lots of dark overtones (the Magician is a vampire, for example). Smaller than palm-sized, which is what I was looking for. Nice stock, easy to shuffle. On sale from Llewellyn.

World Spirit Tarot – I wanted this one for a while – very cool wood-cut look, vibrant colours and multi-cultural. Now that I have them, though, I think they’re not for me, they’re really big! No way I could properly read with these. On sale from Llewellyn. [UPDATE: This deck has found a new home, with someone who will, I think, give them lots of exercise and love.]

Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards – I saw these online and instantly fell in love, and searched forever before finding them at a reasonable price. 25 square cards, all laid out together, each with four half-images, with one matching half for each on another card, so when laying them out any that match tell you something. Sturdy stock, gorgeous artwork, very laquerwork-looking (I would love to have these as an actual lacquered version). No two readings are quite the same. Cheap from BMV Edward.

Gypsy Fortunes – another oracle deck, each card with a clear image. The accompanying book has a page for each card. Bright colours, good stock. Cheap from BMV Edward.

Sharman-Caselli Tarot – traditional Rider-Waite imagery, in coloured pencil. Easy to read, but I feel like I need something more from a deck. Anyway, the stock is good. Cheap from BMV Edward

Crystal Tarots – I have wanted this one for so long, and now I have it, yay! (But I had to go through a lot to get it. I ordered this at the end of August from Llewellyn online when they had a sale. After much chasing and back-and-forthing, I finally got it last week. I ended up having to cancel another deck I was still waiting for. Upshot: I won’t be ordering online from Llewellyn again.) So so beautiful, looks like stained glass. Also sort of looks like the artist surrounded herself with Klimt. Anyway, lovely deck, very happy to have it. On sale from Llewellyn.

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