Monday, November 30, 2009

Xmas - the final stretch!

Tomorrow is December, and I can really feel it. Everything has become so busy this month I can hardly breathe!

Okay, let me just back up a bit.

DesignThinkers 2009 was a-ma-zing, the speakers were really cool. I’ve asked pretty much everyone I saw if I could have a copy of their slide presentation, most of them answered with ‘well, no because I’ve just published a book that covers it and my publishers wouldn’t like that,’ but I took copious notes. And the most important one did give me her slides, so *thphth*. Work seemed to go smoothly while I was gone, I only got a couple of calls and they weren’t emergencies. Also, discovered that Lettieri makes a really excellent London Fog, no sugar needed, mmm…

My friend Graeme (follow him at gem, geek or rare bug) had a fabulous Bond-themed birthday party, so most of us got dressed up in our fanciest finery (I had nothing Bond-y so I went more Emma Peel, went over well) and helped him celebrate. Lesson: if you’re gonna have candles on a cake – you know, to blow out – don’t put a dusting of anything on top of the cake, like cocoa or icing sugar or anything like that. You’re just asking for a mess.

Went on a minor camera safari out in the Beaches with an old work friend (and I still need to send her the pix, which are still languishing on my camera!), it was a great day and we decided to do sort of a travelogue of Toronto. Let’s see how far we get with that *grin*

What else… oh, created a new Blackadder devotee. Watched Waters Of Mars (you locals will get your chance on the 19th of December!). Went to two info sessions for a new condo (decided to wait a bit). Joined some friends to celebrate Dr Who’s 46th anniversary. Went to see 2012 (shit blew up, statues fell down, mountains got drowned, and John Cusack needed comforting – so that was fun). Did a trip around the One Of A Kind Show (another trip coming this week). Did lots of overtime at work. Started my Xmas shopping

And speaking of Xmas, I’ve had the question a few times – please see the links to the right. Can’t see them? Visit my or pages to see some suggestions. BUT, and I can’t stress this enough, do NOT go crazy! This year has been really tight for a lot of people and I don’t want to add to that stress!

Mum & Dad, THIS MEANS YOU TOO! I know we usually go crazy-ass shopping for each other, but please don’t this year, I know what the year’s been like for you guys!


Okay, so now, what’s been on my mind these days? Not a whole lot, I’ve been far too busy! It’s really odd that tomorrow will be December, we haven’t seen any snow downtown at all. In fact, if we get to midnight today without seeing snow, it’ll be a record – Environment Canada’s been recording the weather since 1937 and has never recorded a year where there hasn’t been any snow, not even a trace, before December 1st. In fact, some downtown stations have records that go back as far as 1847 and they haven’t recorded this either. So we’re understandably a little weirded-out by it all. Don’t tell me you still think Global Warming’s a myth!

Another weird thing – the city had to knock out a deer wandering around the downtown core, coyotes have been spotted in the city, and a bear was close to escaping from the zoo last week.

Concrete jungle, indeed.

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