Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mid-December slight catch-up

Goodness, I’ve been a bit lax! Not a whole lot to share though, not really. Well, maybe, lessee…

  • Went out for dinner to celebrate Xognya’s 40th birthday
  • Discovered there’d been this amazing flashmob at the Seaway Mall in Welland, so strange, nothing ever happens there!
  • Went to One of a Kind a couple of times, Xmas prezzies bought
  • Got the latest issue of Enlightenment out
  • Saw the new Harry Potter flick, pretty darn good, and later saw Doctor Whom, which was also fun
  • Discovered Sonic Screwdrivers (Blue Curacao, vanilla vodka, 7-up) and it’s strange improvement of my math skills
  • Had our firm Holiday party, which included an awesome free Photobooth! Hilarity ensued.
  • Fought off this year’s Christmas sick, successfully so far
  • Went to see my Dermatologist, you know, just to check that none of the horde of moles on my body are cancerous, which they are not 

There, now you’re all caught up. Today I did my nails with a nice deep burgundy with silver Konad stamping, and only got it into my cuticles a little bit. Someday I’ll be able to avoid that, I’m sure of it…

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