Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy Anniversary to me!

Two anniversaries, actually – three weeks ago I had my 10-year anniversary with my firm, and a year ago today was the closing date on my condo!

For my anniversary, the office gave me a gift certificate to either Tiffanys, Birks or Indigo (I chose Birks – I don’t like most of the Tiffany’s things I see, what I do like is way overpriced and doesn’t look worth it to me; and Indigo, which I like, doesn’t seem special enough to me for an anniversary present) and it took me until today to make my decision – aren’t they lovely? Sterling silver, all three. Went a bit over the certificate, but not much. I wanted pieces that I would be able to wear any day, and not have to wait for a special occasion.

As for the condo – well, it took a whole year, but all of the repairs I paid the management office to do have finally been done, I’ve got my held-back money from the mortgage company, and yesterday my sunroom enclosure was finally replaced! I feel like I can finally start to make this place more my own. It’s going to be slow-going though, I’m in no rush. First up: the flooring in the sunroom. Gonna pull out that godawful carpet and built-up chipboard floor and replace it with click-together wood patio tiles, the kind you can just pick up if someone spills something. Then I’ll have to tackle the bathroom. Third will be the kitchen, might go crazy and knock out half a wall, if I’m allowed. and then maybe I’ll paint one wall in the living room. Oh, and the terrible light fixtures must ALL GO.

Tonight I shall relax with a DVD, maybe one of my new Dr Who ones (2 for $20 at HMV, yay!), or perhaps continue re-watching Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip (I wish that had continued, I really liked that). Totally feels like Sunday today though, don’t know why...

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