Sunday, March 20, 2011

Stuff I’ve Got: Wii Edition

So I’ve had my Wii for a little over a year now and, while I don’t play as often as I used to, I still quite enjoy it. So I just wanted to share what I’ve picked up for it since last January!

  • white Wii console/white Wiimote and nunchuck/Wii Sports – this was the main package, took some doing to get. Wii Sports is a good base game. Sad when I saw the black edition come out, and then the limited red edition...
  • Wii Sports Resort/motionplus extension – the game that hooked me at J*&P&A’s house over the holidays!
  • black Wiimote with motionplus and black nunchuck – ’cos you can’t play against someone head-to-head with only one remote! It’s nice to be able to slash and hack at each other in real time.
  • RocketFish dual Wiimote charger – I have rechargeable AAs as well, but I thought this might be better. Slow to charge though, I’ve been thinking about getting something faster. Maybe one of those induction charge pads?
  • Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party – rabbids are my favourite things. I whack them, they whack each other, they babble and shout and they’re SO GOOD at helping me vent my frustrations after a bad day. And did you know it can be played with your butt? No kidding, it even says right on the box “the first video game you can play with your bottom” – you sit on it to slide down mountains on oxen and suchlike.
  • Rayman Raving Rabbids 1 and 2 – they were on sale, so I thought I’d flesh out my collection. To be honest, I’m only a little way into the first one, and haven’t even opened the second one. There’s a new one out now, and I want it, but how can I justify that? Anyway, the first one has a ‘story’ mode that you have to get through first before you can move on and play just any minigame you want. But it’s fun anyway, you’re performing for the rabbids in a coliseum of sorts, earning plungers as you make it through your days of captivity...
  • Wii Balance Board/Wii Fit Plus – oh happy day! This also took some doing to get. It’s a lot of fun, and actually makes me sweat! Stretching and balancing and cardio suitable for all levels (even me!), and balance-related games that are more fun than they should be – I love the karate and the hula hoop the most. And the step class one (embarrassing though that might be to admit!) – and with that in mind…
  • Silicon cover for the board – don’t want the board to get gross, now, do I? Green with bumpeley footprints, nice on bare feet.
  • Sling bag for Wii – I had to do a LOT of searching to find this baby! I initially found the most AWESOME Brunswick Bowling-styled bag, but that wasn’t very practical for carrying so I sadly returned it. This one’s nice, comfortable strap and everything fits.
  • Sling carrier for the board – so I can take the board to my parents’ place or wherever. Sort of an impulse buy, but I’ve used it a few times since I bought it, so that’s okay.
  • Game Party 3 – you don’t get to use your Miis on this game, but there’s a bean bag toss and beer pong and rebound shuffleboard! Got it cheap at the BMV on Bloor (seriously, go) and haven’t regretted it. My avatar is cute, though she doesn’t really look like me. I rock at the lawn darts!
  • World Of Goo – a downloaded side-scroller game, highly addictive! Black balls of, well, GOO are very curious about the World Of Goo Corporation...
  • rechargeable power pack for balance board – again, just so I can have that extra power. Charges quickly, and I’ve been happy to have it a few times now.
  • SD memory card – so I can continue to download games, which is a good idea because they let you download demos for free now! I’m trying out Fluidity (which I’m pretty sure I’ll buy) and And Yet It Moves, and both are stored on the card.
  • A Boy And His Blob – seriously cute side-scroller styled game. I’ve had my eye on this for a while, but we all know I hate to pay full price for anything so I’ve been waiting to find it used – which I did on Thursday night! Still figuring my way around it, but it makes me grin as I play, so that’s a good sign, right?

I still have a few things on my ‘want it’ list (Kirby’s Epic Yarn, for instance), but I’m probably good for now.

What about you? Do you play Wii? What’s your favourite game so far?

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