Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Oh pointy dart, oh pointy pointy

I can’t believe it. I truly can’t believe it.

Tonight, ladies and gents, I won EVERY ONE of my dart games. And not just best of three, either - I won all three rounds in two games each.

What can it mean? Have I improved? Well yeah, I have to a degree. Let’s just put it down to that, shall we?


In other news, I’ve had a new estimate from the contractor for replacing my balcony enclosure, so maybe I’ll be able to use my sunroom soon, which would be nice and would also help me FINALLY get this place in shape.

He came by on Saturday to re-take the measurements, so I set my alarm. I don’t do that on weekends unless I absolutely have to - if you know me at all, you know that my favourite thing is sleep - but, with my luck, if I didn’t set it I’d have slept until he was at my door. Anyway, I bring it up only to complain about my great irritation at being woken by it from the middle of an interesting FASS-reunion-y dream, with new and interesting people in it, and possible great insight into my current life and what to do about it. Of course I tried to recapture the dream, only to find myself in a far less interesting offshoot from that main theme. *sigh*

Also, I spent a relatively low amount of money last night on DVDs and a CD from the HMV out at Dufferin Mall, which is closing and therefore is selling everything at 40% off - get out there while you can, folks!

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