Monday, July 02, 2012

Long weekend merriment!

Happy Day-After-Canada Day everyone! Did you all have a great weekend? I did!

Started out shockingly: it was so dead at the office our boss told us all to take off at 345 – and so I did! Had some errands to run, so the extra time was appreciated. Got home, cleaned up, went to bed early.
On Saturday J*&P and Mr Pants came in! This is their first visit since I bought the place, and I think they liked it. It was super windy out so my place was just perfect, still haven’t hooked up my A/C and don’t want to until I have no choice. We hung out for a while then went to Vaughan Mills, yay! I made far too many purchases (all great deals) and we had dinner and came back to my place for a fashion show and relaxing, so nice. Then sleep, wonderful sleep.
So yesterday I had the Boy and R and A over for an afternoon of merriment – we went swimming, had dinner, watched Clue and played Cards Against Humanity until 2am, fantastic day!
Which brings us to today. The Boy and I went down to the Harbourfront for a nice walk, but I was exhausted from my fun weekend so after a few hours I wanted to go back home – so back onto the TTC we got and I dozed a bit.
At Queen about 30 Hare Krishnas got on. Two of them had drums. I thought, they’d better not start playing those drums. Guess what they did? It was irritating, but not awful, they were being quite soft about it. Then they started singing. And more of them. And more. And the drums got louder. And a girl pulled out little finger cymbals right beside me and started clanging them. And it all got even louder. And all 30 of them started clapping in time. And all singing LOUDLY and drumming LOUDLY and clanging LOUDLY and clapping LOUDLY. By Wellesley I was cringing with my fingers in my ears. I’d run out of brotherly love by the time we hit Summerhill, but luckily for them they got off there.
You know, I have no problem with that. OUTSIDE. You know, in the outdoors, where it’s not a small, enclosed space that I paid money to go into.
And no, that wasn’t a flash mob.
But now I’m home again and just happy. Aaaaaah...

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