Sunday, July 22, 2012

What an excellent/dramatic weekend!

Clothes Horse
by Wastedpapiers
It began with a closet-dive — yes, I’ve decided it’s time to do a purge. I know it’s been time for a purge for a long time, but it I am both a packrat and a clotheshorse, and the two together? Well, dangerous combination. So that means I need a good solid chunk of uninterrupted time. Pulled clothes out and did laundry for two or three hours actually, pretty good. Went to bed well-rested.

Saturday I started early — super early actually, like around 3am. Woke up suddenly with ‘Trois Petits Chats’ running through my head. Remember that one from grade school French class? Haven’t thought of it in years, but suddenly there it was. No, I didn’t stay awake — I was smart and went back to bed for a few more hours.

Anyway, when I finally did get my ass out of bed I set aside clothes from the night before for a Goodwill run (now two full boxes ready to go!), then finally took a nice long walk down the road to see how far I would get — something I’ve been planning to do since I moved North but somehow have just never made the time. You know, now that I’m out of the downtown core, my sense of distance is kinda shot, I had no idea how far I would get! As it turns out, I made it farther than I thought I would in an hour and a half, and I would have kept going except it was jeezly hot out and I realized I hadn’t brought antihistamines (hives, you know) so I didn’t want to push my luck.

On my walk I listened to a great podcast that had me laughing out loud at times — ever listened to (or seen) Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show? I highly recommend it. Actually I highly recommend a number of podcasts, I really should do a post about that at some point.

Anyway, Saturday was a nice day to just see what came up — but Sunday Jennskoot came over for swimming, Dr Who and 5 Guys Burgers And Fries — and can I just say, in the three summers I’ve been in this condo, there has never been drama at the pool like there was today!

People, there are rules to the pool, they’re clearly posted on the fence and outlined in the flyer that was delivered around at the beginning of the summer (just like it is every year). They’re completely reasonable rules and are common to most pools, and they include ‘show your tags,’ ‘don’t run around the pool,’ ‘no ball playing in the pool,’ ‘two guests per resident allowed’ and ‘resident must be present.’

Yelling at the poor life guard for enforcing the ‘show your tag’ rule until he has to call the security guard to make you back off doesn’t make the rules magically change. And when he offers you a bit of leeway so you can bring your horde who don’t live here and you don't even stay, that’s when you should all just shut up and swim, not when you suddenly PULL THE RACE CARD and force him to call the security guard a SECOND TIME. And a little tip? When you are doing all the yelling, and the security guard and the lifeguard are both completely calm and reasonable, who do you think is going to look insane?

Oh, and also, a ratty pink bra and shorts? Not a bathing suit. Can we add that to the rule list please?


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