Friday, April 22, 2016

Oracle sets: a current list

For my own edification, here's a central list of all the oracle sets I have. As with my Tarot list, some of these descriptions are ones I wrote on this blog previously.

1 - 5 Elementals Magical Stone Tarot Kit - Bought in 2009 at a psychic fair. Soy candle with stones and LWB.

2 - The Fantod Pack - Bought in 2009 from Book City, cards measure 2.5" X 3.25". Edward Gorey fanciful card deck in nice box. Beware, all cards indicate bad things, like Loss of Eyelashes or Wispiness.

3 - The Answer Deck - Bought in 2009 from World's Biggest Bookstore, cards measure 2' X 3.25". Came in a set with proper book and a layout sheet. Great imagery, red outlined cards with stark pure b&w images, each with a single word or phrase.

4 - Philosopher's Stone Self-Awareness Deck - Out of print, but I really wanted it and couldn't find it, so I created one myself in 2009, cards measure 3.5" square. I keep it in a mesh pouch. This 40-card deck is used to gain insight and a better understanding of the user’s personal situation and views. DE ES Schwerberge compiled art from his ‘Stoneman’ period to create these cards, and since all of them are on his website I didn’t let a little thing like being out of print stop me – I laid out, printed, trimmed and corner-cut them myself. Believe me, if I could find a proper copy, at a reasonable price, I would purchase it. The art has always reminded me of OMNI Magazine, remember that?

5 - Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards - Bought in 2009 at BMV. Came in a set with proper book. I saw these online and instantly fell in love, and searched forever before finding them at a reasonable price. 25 square cards, all laid out together, each with four half-images, with one matching half for each on another card, so when laying them out any that match tell you something. Sturdy stock, gorgeous artwork, very laquerwork-looking (I would love to have these as an actual lacquered version). No two readings are quite the same.

6 - Gypsy Fortunes - Bought in 2009 at BMV. Came in set with proper book. Each card with a clear image. The accompanying book has a page for each card. Bright colours, good stock.

7 - Fan-Tel, The Fan That Tells Your Fortune - Bought second-hand in 2010 at a vintage show. Almost all of the pieces are in good condition but one is held together with tape and the case they're in is pretty age-worn, but the peg and all the sticks are still there and I think that's pretty good for something from 1937. They're delightfully kitschy!

8 - Rumi Cards - Bought in 2011 at BMV. I wasn't sure what to expect from this package, I hadn't really read anything about it and there were no pictures on the box, but I loved the Indian-influenced graphics and colours so I gave it a shot. And I'm quite glad I did! The set of 54 cards are tall with sharp corners but they feel really nice to the touch, easy to shuffle (so many cards are either super sticky or super slippery, this one is the perfect middle ground). Each card is of one of six 'families' (Birth, Love, Ordeal, Transformation, Warnings and Rewards) and is printed in a corresponding single colour and graphic and displays a quote from Rumi, a Sufi poet. I'd have to describe this deck as gentle, a nice way to sit an reflect. The accompanying book is not bad, giving a good description of the meanings for each quote, suggested spreads and a history of Rumi.

9 - Fortune Teller's Maj Jongg - Got from a friend at a swap in 2011. These are so beautiful! Small and slender, these cards display the same information as traditional mah jongg tiles, and the method of use is outlined in the accompanying hardcover book, including a history of mah jongg, card meanings, how to lay them and sample readings – and even abridged rules to playing mah jongg, which you can play with these cards.

10 - Titania's Fortune Cards - Bought in 2011 at BMV. Came in set with proper book.

11 - Egyptian Scarab Oracle - Bought in 2015 from Indigo. Scarab-shaped tiles with proper book and pouch.

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