Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Cottage report: Tuesday

Our Killarney trip this year certainly has been a great one so far!

Our trip in was a bit different than usual though, we blew right past Parry Sound, where we usually stop for lunch. Didn't think about the fact that we usually visited a restroom while there as well - by the time we turned off the highway we were both in a bit of a desperate situation. Good news is we now know where there are public restrooms along that 45-minute drive!

Got in to find the water level extremely high again for the second year running, the highest I've ever seen it (other than last year, where the lower dock was almost aligned with the upper dock!). This is a GOOD THING. Bob had installed a step stool on the lower dock, since the difference between the lower and the upper this year Is TWO STEPS. Much easier than a ladder! The trip over from town was less grand than in previous years though, as the big boat had to be sold last year so we're down to the outboard. It's pretty big though and spacious, much easier to dock. And honestly, if gas wasn't an issue, I'd love for us to tool around the lake all day, it's so much fun, like a roller coaster - especially when you hit someone's wake!

The mosquitoes were pretty ravenous the first night, luckily we got in the house before they came out in force. They haven't been too bad since then though, only one or two evenings we couldn't sit out and look at the stars - unfortunately it's been overcast a couple of nights so not too much to look at, but already better than last year.

Noticing a lot more spiders this year too. Not happy about that but it could be worse - we've yet to see a mouse inside.

Can we talk about the weather? This particular week has been our traditional week to visit for years now, mostly so we can be here for the Perseid shower. But we've been disappointed in the past few years, with it being overcast every night so no star view, and the temperature has been, well, not frigid but not warm. Like the warmest it got last year was 23, most days were highs of 18. So this year we thought we might come up the third week of July instead - every year there seems to be a heat wave around then that goes away just as we decide to come up - but it turned out that we couldn't schedule it, so we decided to just deal with it. Well guess what, the weather's been GORGEOUS. The coldest high has been 25 so far, and aside from rain yesterday afternoon (which didn't last long really) it's been bright and sunny the entire time. It's been so warm I've been basking in a bikini on the deck and getting as much vitamin D as possible. (Yes, I said bikini.) The overnight low on most nights has been what the high was last year!

Today we took a grocery trip into Sudbury, so that entails locking up the cottage, going down to the dock, getting in the boat, tooling across the lake, docking, getting in the car, stopping at the store for nibbles, driving through a cell blackout for 45 minutes, then another half hour on the highway. A bit more work than going to the corner store for sure! But of course I bought some DVDs while we were there - mostly because I had decided I needed to own Lilo & Stitch. Guess what's on our watching list tonight?

Oh, and we're into the LawnGuyLands pretty fiercely. Not as much as in previous years of course, I can't drink like that anymore, but you really don't need much with these...

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