Monday, January 29, 2007

A bit of a pickle

Fact One: Camera Obscura are playing at the Opera House on Wednesday night.

Fact Two: I haven't been able to get tickets. I left it too late.

Fact Three: Gav's gonna put me on the guest list, but that's just one, which leaves L with no ticket.

I've checked everywhere, no one seems to have any. I might have just found someone though, just waiting to hear back from them - but I'm not getting my hopes up, as these things have a habit of just not working out for me *sigh*

My living room, btw, is neat and tidy, and I have a brand new Ikea CD Shelf to put up - I'm going to purge a bunch and get rid of my current storage, L says he'll take them off my hands though, isn't he sweet?

Triple bill night tonight - Dr Who's not going to be the next one in the series though; instead they'll be playing the season opener, but that's okay as I think Xog hasn't seen it yet, and to be honest I prefer it to the episode they're supposed to be running *grin*

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