Sunday, May 01, 2011

The Impossible Astronaut / The Day of The Moon

Okay, so I have seen the Dr Who season opener two-parter, and I have theories and questions. The Boy does as well, so let’s see what we’ve got. Don’t follow the jump if you don’t want to be spoiler-ed!

After watching The Impossible Astronaut, here were my thoughts…

First, this was AWESOME. Best season opener ever! The Silence are so creepy! And they’ve been around for a long time, long enough to have dug tunnels all over the Earth! They look like Munch’s The Scream. Personal theory: Munch sketched one out when he saw it, then based the painting on it.

Amy had to tell The Doctor something, urgently, then she forgot. Then she got sick. Then she told him she was pregnant. But question is, is that what she had to tell him? Or is that the idea that The Silence put in her head so she wouldn’t worry more about what it was she had to tell him? The sickness would support the pregnancy thing, except River was sick too, after The Silence were wiped from her memory a few times.

Rory’s excellent. I mean really, I know I am a big Rory fan, but there was more nuance to him this time, the whole being in charge of Canton thing. And speaking of Canton…

How cool is he? I love this actor - Mark Sheppard shows up in freakin’ everything, and I always love him. X-files, Soldier of Fortune Inc, Voyager, VIP, Firefly, 24, Dollhouse, BSG, CSI, Chuck, Warehouse 13 - and he doesn’t disappoint, does he? He’s snappy and charming and would make a great companion. Can we have him on the show forever please? So he was kicked out of the FBI ’cos he wanted to get married - I was torn, was it because he wanted to marry a man, or a black woman? Hrm…

And River Song. Ah, I love her - I know some people don’t, but I’m all about River. The flirting between she and The Doctor in this episode was so much fun.

Who’s the little girl? And who’s in the space suit and kills The Doctor? No clue about the little girl, but I think it’s River Song in the suit - she said before that she was in prison for killing the best man she’s ever known, remember!

So then it was time for The Day Of The Moon.

Okay, first: Canton hunting them all down one by one, how creepy were they with the hatchmarks on their faces? And The Doctor with a beard? Wow that looked weird. Very Grizzly Adams. Glad it didn’t last long.

Amy’s not pregnant. But wait, maybe she is. She’s not, she is, she’s not… and there was that picture of her at the creepy-ass orphanage, holding the baby. Is the little girl her daughter? Maybe, but the girl starts regenerating at the end - so she’s a Time Lord? Maybe that’s what happens if you’re pregnant and you travel around in a TARDIS all through it, maybe she WILL come out with a time head or something! And coming back to that orphanage, how incredibly creepy was that? They sleep hanging from the ceiling! And that poor custodian guy, his mind must be in shreds from seeing them all day every day. It was like something out of Sandman actually, for the entire scene I had chills.

And The Silence have been around for a REALLY long time, directing man’s development. Does this mean we would still be scraping knuckles without them? What will happen now that they’ve been outed? And their ship, same as the one from The Lodger - maybe they’re raising up the little girl to be their pilot? That would explain the suit, making her invincible. Oh wait, maybe they’ve figured out a way to MAKE a Time Lord!?! Oooh…

The big block room the built around The Doctor, very cool. Very good answer to: how do we have a revolution if they can see what we’re doing all the time? Where did that tech come from, though? Hmm...

So Canton was fired for wanting to marry a black man. Mystery solved. Easy peasy.

Amy in the dark, the confusion of who she was pleading for. Well, I always knew it was Rory, but I felt so bad for him listening to it! Aw…

And River and The Doctor - the even heavier flirting in the Silence’s ship was incredibly fun, but the kiss when he left her at her cell... I kind of loved it, but I also felt like it was going a bit too far. But I liked the melancholy of it, like this will be the last time for her, but it’s the first time for him...

Okay, so we’re still left with questions:
  • Was The Doctor’s silliness (showing up in movies and in the news, etc.) from the beginning just him being silly, or did it serve a greater purpose?
  • Who killed The Doctor? Was it actually the person in the spacesuit? If not, who WAS in the suit? Why did he go so willingly to it? 
  • Who is the little girl (The Boy narrows it down to: Amy’s daughter with Rory, Amy’s daughter NOT with Rory, Amy herself [regenerating into Amelia, there’s a can of worms for you], progeny of The Doctor and River, or maybe the Doctor’s daughter from The Doctor’s Daughter…)? Why is she so important to The Silence? Is she a Time Lord? Is she a created Time Lord? 
  • When did The Silence first show up? They’ve been around the universe for a long time, how old are they? 
  • What the hell was up with the woman with the metal eyepatch - is Amy in an asylum somewhere, imagining this whole thing? 
  • Why don’t we know how Rory and River escaped from The Silence at the end of part one? 
  • Why was there a picture of Amy with a baby amongst all the photos of the little girl? 
  • Is there a connection between Canton tracking River down to a building in New York and the little girl regenerating in New York at the end of the story?
To these questions, we can add a few from the previous season that haven’t really been answered (granted, they may never be answered, we may just be clutching at straws here):
  • What was with that creepy painting in The Lodger? I mean, it couldn’t have been just a coincidence, the scene with it was so well blocked, it’s gotta mean something!
  • What’s upstairs at Amy’s old place? Is it like The Lodger, a staircase going up to a nonexistent third floor?
  • Why wasn’t Amy swallowed by the crack, when she was sleeping next to it for so many years?
  • Are Amy’s parents her real parents or adoptive parents?
  • And River Song - who is she to The Doctor exactly? Who did she kill to be imprisoned? How did she remember The Doctor in The Big Bang, when no one else did?
So many questions, I can’t wait to find out the answers!


  1. Okay, here's another question - what about Joy? Is it just me, or did the Silent that destroyed say her name with some significance? Or was he maybe just showing off, that he knows everyone's names?

  2. Oh, another thought - is the annihilation of the ship from The Lodger responsible, eventually, for the TARDIS's destruction, creating the crack? Hrm...


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