Sunday, December 07, 2008

I’m dreaming of a Brown Christmas

Twister!I seem to have improved through the week, so my day off was well spent this time - I went to the One Of A Kind show (missed last year’s so this was good) and got a few people crossed of my shopping list for this year. I also got some really nice beads, some of which got added to the bracelet and necklace I made for my friends L&N (and forgot to take a photo, damn, I’d better ask them for one...) and the best Cranberry Pudding ever, mmm...

So yesterday was the annual Brown family get-together, which was just as much fun as always, and we all were silly and played Rock Band and Twister! Presents were given, yummy food was eaten, friends were hugged, drinks were imbibed, games were played, and we played curling with BamBam *grin* - a great evening!

More photos are on Flickr...

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