Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tennant’s days are numbered!

*insert sad violin music here*

BBC officially announced yesterday that David Tennant is stepping down from his role as Dr Who. Let the speculation begin!

My Personal Opinion - not of who gets the role but what direction they should take.
  • Relatively young - while older actors would have been just fine in the previous run, in the new series they’ve sort of built fan expectation up for a young, vital doctor so an older actor may not go over as well. Unfortunately that leaves Bill Nighy out, who would have been excellent.

  • ...but not too young - no one who played a teenager in anything in the past ten years please. No Daniel Radcliffe!

  • Attractive - again, the fan expectation has been built up

  • ...but not too attractive - no one with too big a sex appeal please, the doctor should be part of the story, not a massive sex god with random stuff happening around him. No Jude Law, no Christian Bale.

  • Different body type - don’t get me wrong, I love the whole indie-boy thing, really I do. But David Tennant really has that all sewn up, and the regeneration should make the doctor DIFFERENT, not the same guy with a different face.

  • ...but there are limits - no muscley action stars please, that’s just silly. Jason Statham, I love you but that cuts you out (nevermind whether he’s got the chops or not, I’m just making a point).

  • Still UK-ish - I’m not being snobby, really, I just feel like there’s an essence to the role that needs the English/Scottish/Irish/Welsh kinda upbringing. Close your eyes and imagine Martin Sheen in the role. See? That said, the role is still way open to different cultural, ‘racial’ and sexual differences. Paterson Joseph, James Callis, hell even Fenella Woolgar.

  • Willing to stick with it for at least three seasons - there are only so many regenerations (unless they pull a magic ‘oh, I touched the heart of the TARDIS and now I have tons more regenerations left’ thing) and it’s really hard to learn to love an actor in the role only to have them back out after one series (witness Christopher Eccleston, the George Lazenby of the Dr Who world - and no, that wouldn’t be Paul McGann, he’s still in the audios)
Whaddya think? Personal faves: Patterson Joseph, Richard Coyle, Jason Flemyng, Stephen Mangan, maybe Sean Pertwee... Michael Ironside in a ten minute clip YouTube perhaps?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mac & Cheese

So this weekend was our two-year anniversary. L and I spent the weekend relaxing at his place - and I made homemade Mac & Cheese. Yup, homemade, not Kraft Dinner. I have a new love for super old Cheddar now! It turned out okay, a little dry I think but pretty good.

The weather was pretty crap that weekend too - we went for dinner on Sunday to Kelsey’s (best spinach dip ever) and when we came out the sky was BLACK - but way off to the West the sun was setting below the massive black cloud and looked amazing. I tried to capture it the entire way home but none of my pix look good, so I can’t show you. Sorry.

Also over the weekend I bought a new winter coat at Winners, it’s absolutely gorgeous - but I’m afraid to wear it, as it is BRIGHT WHITE. It’s just begging for coffee or gravy or something to get spilled on it! So I’m going to see if I can find the same coat in a different colour or else perhaps an even more lovely coat.

Oh. And at darts yesterday we had possibly the worst service and worst pub fare ever. And they wonder why they don’t get fabulous tips.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Full Spectrum Dominiance

Tonight I went to an rough screening of Full Spectrum Dominance, a documentary about the weaponization of space. Pretty cool actually, but a little one-sided at the moment - apparently the filmmaker is planning on including some interview footage he hadn’t added in yet to balance it out, I’ll be interested to see the final cut.

It ran late though, so I had to miss darts - and then I stubbed my toe really badly. Like I thought I had broken it. That’s what I get for bailing on darts I suppose.

Oh, and my Mum is officially a retiree now. How did she celebrate? I think she might have gone to Swiss Chalet for dinner. My parents are such rebels.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

...and I bought NO YARN

Just got back from the Creativ Festival, which was really good this year.

I decided a while back I was going to try to get through a year without buying any yarn, and I’ve done really well so far - this was going to be my test, and I passed with flying colours.

That’s not to say I didn’t spend money, I certainly did - magazines, books, a jeweller’s loupe (with a light in it, very cool!), some stamps, DPN cases, notion cases - but it was all completely worth it.

And also better as it rained in the afternoon, and L had asked if I wanted to go to the TFC game, but I did the show instead - go me!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Time for a change?

Bizarre red plantApparently not. Harper, once again, runs a minority government in our country.

We had a sad 59% voter turnout. All major parties, regardless of their clean start, ended up running smear campaigns. Way to go, guys.

Anyway, in other news, Thanksgiving was great - I spent the entire time in Welland with my parents, just hanging out and enjoying our time, got to see my niece and my greatniece (who is hilarious and cute) and went for a nice walk on Merritt Island. There are worse things to do with your time. Had to miss the first darts of the season due to being away, but I did the same thing last year, can’t be helped.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Sutton saves!The days are getting colder and darker - I finally feel like knitting again! Yes, I already have a few WIPs, but I feel like working on something newish for a while. But I’m not going to buy new yarn, no no - I’m only going to use what’s in my stash. To be honest, my stash could last me the rest of my life. So really I’m being financially responsible, aren’t I?

Lessee, what’s been happening?

Well, I went to The Clothing Show and the Toronto FC game a couple of weeks ago. The Clothing Show was good to me this year - three shirts, a dress and a pair of earrings (and a free button, yay!), definitely worth it. Toronto FC... well, the game was good, lots of action, and it ended 1-1, but we only got a goal on us because one of our OWN PLAYERS headed it backwards without looking, gah!

Toronto TavernOctober’s Tavern was a really good one, three new faces and a pretty good turnout - we took up a fair chunk of Pauper’s that night! But they’ve done something to the garlic bread, it just wasn’t as good as it usually is. Graeme made it out (quite a hike, with him living in Ottawa now!) and came bearing Enlightenment for all and sundry. We also had Tavern In The Dark again, I honestly think our group aura has a negative effect on the dart board lights...

Oh, and I forgot to mention - Pushing Daisies is still excellent! And I’m sure they film the apartment hallway scenes in The Bradbury Building, another fine thing!

Still going to the gym. Don’t think I’ve lost any weight (I’m not weighing myself) but I’m feeling a bit better so that’s all good...